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  • Tomatoes: A Raw Deal

    Tomatoes: A Raw Deal

    There is no doubt that tomatoes are popular. No salad seems complete without them. Unfortunately tomatoes are not that easy to rear. And they also require quite a lot of watering during the initial growth period.

  • Opening the field

    Opening the field

    In recent years, the research and development team at Netafim has been able to develop drippers that deliver one litre per hour and less. This was made possible through the use of TurboNet™ flow path technology.

  • Grow more with less (water)

    Grow more with less (water)

    The drought in the Western Cape has forced grape farmers to rethink the way they irrigate their crops. South African wine farmers know all too well climate is the one thing they can’t control when predicting a crop yield. Too little or too much rain, heat and humidity all have an impact on crops and ultimately on profits.

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