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  • Grow more with less (water)

    Grow more with less (water)

    The drought in the Western Cape has forced grape farmers to rethink the way they irrigate their crops. South African wine farmers know all too well climate is the one thing they can’t control when predicting a crop yield. Too little or too much rain, heat and humidity all have an impact on crops and ultimately on profits.

  • Digital Farming: The Tech-savvy Farming of the Future

    Digital Farming: The Tech-savvy Farming of the Future

    Netafim’s digital farming offers smarter, faster and more accurate irrigation and fertigation through real-time, in-field, comprehensive data that can be accessed by a PC or mobile device anytime, anywhere.

  • Netafim Announcement

    Netafim Announcement

    We are pleased to share with you a change we recently made to our organizational structure through 2 promotions. We're confident that this change will strengthen our ability to capture the growth opportunities in SADC without conceding the good momentum we have in the South African market.

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