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Republic of South Africa: Subsurface Drip Irrigation systems, an overview by Netafim RSA

A professional Netafim article presented in several conferences and magazines

Courtesy of Netafim University

Awie Marais, Netafim S.A., Netafim House, Industrial Avenue
Kraaifontein 7570, Republic of South Africa

There are many external influences that are forcing the agricultural industry to investigate and change to more advanced technology. There is a need to implement more efficient management strategies, and yet, at the same time to keep on striving to survive in a highly competitive marketing environment.

The use of subsurface drip irrigation systems brings more opportunities to irrigate more efficiently and the possibility to automate the irrigation process. The fact that the whole irrigation scheme is underground opens up new possibilities to total mechanization of the production process.

There are a couple of differences between the design of a surface and a subsurface drip system. The subsurface system allows the use of sewerage water for irrigation purposes. This paper will be dealing with issues such as different crops, design requirements, scheduling, fertigation and maintenance of the subsurface drip system.



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