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Netafim Nutrigation™

Nutrigation™ is an application of plant nutrients through an irrigation system in precise combination and timing for optimal development and best yields. Also known as Fertigation.

Netafim’s Nutrigation Systems offer farmers the ability to have precise control of nutrients delivery and irrigation timing according to the changing needs of the plant.

As farmers are increasingly faced with modern agriculture challenges they are obliged to find creative solutions to deal with growing water shortages, to work in more environment-friendly ways and to use water, fertilizers and energy more efficiently.

Based on extensive research with academic institutions around the world Netafim Nutrigation concept and systems deliver proven results:

  • Significant improvement in crop quality and yield
  • Reduction of fertilizer and energy consumption
  • Reduction of expenses, cost-effective savings and rapid ROI

Netafim Nutrigation Presentation

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