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Netafim’s digital farming controllers cover a wide range of open-fields, orchards and greenhouse irrigation and Fertigation™ applications. Available in AC and DC versions, the advanced, reliable and flexible controllers manage up to 250 irrigation valves in the field, and multiple main lines.

Our robust controllers are powered by NetBeat™, the industry’s first irrigation management system that combines monitoring, analysing and control into a single closed loop platform.

Gain Full Control with NetMCU™

  • Fits all farm sizes and complexities
  • Over-the-air updates and maintenance
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Cellular, LoRa radio
  • Military grade hardware
  • Controls multiple main-lines
  • Controls Up to 250 valves

Transmit Field Data and Activate System Components with NetRTU™

  • Super advanced Remote Terminal Unit
  • Open unit for any input (sensors) or output (valves, pumps, dosing)
  • Up to 3 years activation on one battery
  • Military grade hardware
  • Up to 10 km range

NetBeat™ - The All-in-One Digital Farming Solution

Our advanced controllers are only part of NetBeat’s comprehensive digital farming solution. NetBeat™ is the only irrigation and Fertigation™ management system that combines monitoring, decision support and control. Click on the icons below to learn how digital farming solutions can optimise your irrigation! 

Dynamic Crop Models™

Netafim’s Dynamic Crop Models™, part of the NetBeat™ offering, is a groundbreaking decision support system for growers, rich with over 50 years of unmatched agronomic knowledge and experience.


Netafim™ is the largest Fertigation™ solutions dosing systems provider. Learn how to grow better yields and save costs by delivering the right amount of nutrients directly to the plant.


NetRTU™ give farmers fast access to data and the power to operate irrigation in real-time.


Powered by NetBeat™, NetMCU™ give farmers the power to plan their irrigation, gather data from sensors and get real-time recommendations. All, from the palm of their hand.

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Want more control over your field?

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