Willem Botha - Marketing Manager

Willem began his career at VinPro, the wine growers’ industry organisation as a viticulture consultant.  He advised clients on the sustainable management, planning and problem identification of wine grapes with a significant focus on transferring knowledge through information days and presentations on best practices. 

After almost 8 years with VinPro, he joined Netafim South Africa during October 2007 as an agronomist with a particular focus on the wine industry. His interests expanded to other crops, including pecans, and later macadamias and avocados. Due to his success in the pecan industry, by growing the value and solutions offered to farmers, Willem was appointed as Marketing Manager in 2016. 

Netafim is a global company with many opportunities to grow. Willem believes that irrigation is and will always be one of the most influential and crucial activities in sustainable agriculture. ‘’Drip irrigation has explicitly been a game changer in the light of global warming and the fight with water scarcity.’’

He enjoys the dynamics of agro-marketing and the expansion of digital marketing and digital tools in his industry.

Agriculture is seen as a traditionally slow-changing industry, but in the next couple of years Willem believes, that we will see an increase in the adoption of digital farming and more efficient digital irrigation solutions, with less human intervention.