Johan Visser - Southern SADC Regional Manager

Johan started his irrigation career as an irrigation technician at MBB Consulting Engineers in Stellenbosch in 1985. The company was responsible for various water-related projects throughout South Africa and in Mauritius.

During 1991 his interest shifted to the sales side of irrigation, and he joined Gili Irrigation as a sales representative in 1992 where he was introduced to the Israeli technology in low-flow irrigation. In June 1992 he was approached to join the newly-established Netafim South Africa to establish drip irrigation methods by showing South African farmers and growers how to grow more with lessTM. He was appointed as the National Sales Manager for South Africa in 1999, and later on, in 2018 as Southern SADC Regional Manager.

Johan’s interests lie with the people - the customers, users, dealers and farmers, and the Netafim team that serve this exciting market.

He believes that the learning curve in the efficient use of water in Southern Africa will be very steep, that we will see a decline in the water-thirsty irrigation systems, and a massive need for more efficient irrigation systems. The necessity to control and monitor the complete irrigation process remotely will increase dramatically. Water quotas for agricultural use will be cut and allocated to the ever-growing population. That is why we will simply have to grow more with lessTM .